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Student Parking Pass

Student Parking Pass

Regular price $50.00

You MUST present a valid Driver's License when picking up the pass, therefore passes canNOT be shipped, so make sure you select "PickUp" on the checkout page (it defaults to shipping so you MUST switch it from Shipping to Pick Up). Please pay careful attention to this as we cannot refund the shipping fee if you don't change it to pick up!  READERS ARE LEADERS!

Also, please don't forget that you must complete the Google form to get the pass you purchased and you can find this form in the Daily Announcements BEGINNING August 5th or you can bring your driver's license and a pic of your license plate to the Bookstore and we will fill the form out with you. 

Students no longer have numbered spots assigned to them. The parking pass gives you access to all spots in the student lot, so you can park anywhere in the student lot.