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Cross Stripe String Bag

Cross Stripe String Bag

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This string bag will get the job done with gusseted seams and reinforced rivets where the strings are. Typically used to hold all of the English novels for the year and distributed to students per grade, so assuming Brother Rice keeps this process, your student will get a new color ink each year. The bag here is for replacement in the event your student loses his bag, or could be used for sports or as an upgraded gift bag. 

Medium-sized bag measuring 14.25" wide x 17" tall/long.

Black polyester with a grey cross stripe (2021 version) and white Warrior logo***

***Please note the 2022 version of this bag has different ink colors (black, grey, orange, white, or a very tonal washed-out grey) with a dark grey body.  Art photo shows only 2021 bag.